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Add or Change Your Major

Here’s how to enter Cliffe College from another YSU College

If you’re already in another YSU College and you want to add, or switch to, a major in Cliffe College, we’ll help you figure out how to enter a program in the Department of Art, Dana School of Music, or University Theatre.


"The sudden gratitude, excitement, and liveliness I felt after I decided to pursue art – something had been interested in since childhood – has created memories that I will cherish forever. Leaving high school, I was apprehensive about pursuing art and worried for my future, so I chose a major I was not entirely fit for. However, changing my course of study and entering the Department of Art at Youngstown State has opened my eyes to inspiring and caring professors, the tight-knit Youngstown arts community, gallery shows and exhibition opportunities, and even a job at the McDonough Museum right on campus. I finally feel at home and am ecstatic to be pursuing my one true passion with my lifelong dreams coming to life right before my eyes - even after just one year in the department!"

Lindsay DeLullo, a studio art major concentrating in painting and printmaking


If you’re a student in another YSU College . . .

You have to meet the same entry requirements as other Cliffe College students. To declare a major in Cliffe College, make an appointment with the Academic Advisor for the department of your intended major.