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Life in the College

Cliffe College will enrich your life

In Cliffe, we understand that your college experience isn't just about a degree. That’s why we encourage you to be active – both inside the classroom and out. You’ll participate in performances and exhibitions and become involved in university and community events. You’ll join student and professional organizations and step outside your comfort zone. Through all of your endeavors, you'll find your place in our community.



Opportunities are everywhere in the College. Ask your faculty, talk with your colleagues. And check out social media—you’ll definitely find exciting and enriching experiences.

Learn about student organizations

If you’re a graduate student and would like to know more about life at YSU, the College of Graduate Studies has answers for you.

Graduate life at YSU



International student opportunities

You'll join a community of students from your home country, have opportunities to meet new people, and experience American culture.

Find international events and programs

Improve your English

As an international student, you're required to demonstrate English proficiency. Programs offered by the University's English Language Institute can help develop your language skills.


English Language Institute