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A Community of Artistic and
Academic Excellence

The Cliffe College of Creative Arts (CCCA) is a dynamic component of the Youngstown State University campus and is a major regional arts resource. Our vibrant and inclusive community of artists, educators, and scholars is engaged in nationally accredited programs of instruction, innovative and immersive experiences, and professional performances and exhibitions. Extraordinary facilities include state-of-the-art technology, theaters, rehearsal spaces, art studios, concert halls, the McDonough Museum of Art, and numerous area performance and exhibit spaces, including The Butler Institute of American Art, DeYor Performing Arts Center, Robins Theatre, and Stambaugh Auditorium.



We are dedicated to creating deep educational experiences that provide inspiration, empower innovation, and develop leadership, thus preparing students to pursue and further artistic excellence throughout their lives and careers. We encourage you to explore our academic programs and degrees, events and performances, and learn more about all that CCCA has to offer.

Here’s to the creators and innovators. To those who value the arts as a way to understand the diverse and pluralistic world in which we live. Who want to be a source of inspiration that enriches lives and enhances the collective well-being of our region and society.

We are the Cliffe College of Creative Arts

We’re hoping that your own artistic and educational journey will lead you to our community!