Academic Advising

Advising, which is a continuous and consistent collaborative process between faculty members and students, is to make sure that students are making the right decision in the growth and development process while seeking a degree. The role of an academic advisor is to help students in developing efficient and effective educational plans that are in line with their life goals. Therefore, advisors are to:

  • Help students (advisees) to adopt the planning nature of academic life and expectations, which is consistent with their abilities and interests. 
  • Meet with students once a semester for academic planning.
  • Monitor and mentor the student progress towards the educational goals.
  • Make sure rules and regulations are well understood by the students and the necessary steps are taken in the correct order.
  • Approve all designated educational transactions (registration, advising, course transfer, major selection, graduation requirements, etc..)

The programs offered in the department has the following advisors (* indicated the coordinator of the program):