Graduate Programs

Degrees Offered:

MS in Computing and Information Systems.


Overview-- The Master of Computing and Information Systems is designed to emphasize important applied areas of computing, providing background in the overall structure of information systems, in-depth knowledge in vital areas, such as databases and networking, and opportunities to learn a variety of other important emergent, and current areas of computing, such as web design, application development, and computer security. 

The program is designed to serve students with some background in computing (possibly work related) but who need additional deeper, more comprehensive, or more up-to-date knowledge of computing/information systems in order to make career advancements or to better utilize the technology that they are required to use on a daily basis. 

Like most applications of information systems, the program is also interdisciplinary in nature to allow students with a background in areas other than information systems to learn how to apply information systems to those areas. A number of interdisciplinary courses are supported, and students may take elective courses outside of the department.

For further details, please refer to the detailed course requirements.

Program Coordinator:

Dr. Alina Lazar
307C Meshel Hall
(330) 941-2981