Mission Statement

Generate and spread knowledge, train future scholars who actively participate in their field of study, and give services to our community. The field of computer science has extensively created new technology and has also given way for new research topics. This ability creates our mission in this department.

Design a broad range of current Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, and Information Technology experiences that include multidisciplinary activities and community interaction, using current computing technology and supported by strong written, critical thinking, and verbal communication skills to enable students to function effectively in a technology-based society.

Develop partnerships with local industry and school systems to benefit the economic health of the Mahoning Valley.

Supports and encourages research, industry partnerships, and other activities leading to the development of new technologies and new classroom methods and techniques.

Recognize that computing has become an increasingly crucial aspect of all disciplines of knowledge, and support interdisciplinary programs and form symbiotic relationships with other disciplines in areas of greatest benefit to students.

Support the social growth of students, promoting ethical decision making, the development of secure and reliable computing systems, and an awareness of the role of computing in a global environment.

Constantly strives for diversity in terms of groups underrepresented in computing, particularly women.