BCHHS Living Learning Community

The BCHHS Living Learning Community (“LLC”) is a select group of 24 first year BCHHS students who share the same Residence Hall and participate in meaningful academic and social experiences. 

The LLC is made up of all majors in the BCHHS to give a truly interdisciplinary experience.

How do I Become Part of the Living Learning Community?


What is an academic Living Learning Community (LCC)?

An academic Living Learning Community (LLC) is a Residential Life initiative to support the academic, social, and personal needs of students as they transition from high school to college and pursue their academic goals.LLCs (LIVING LEARNING COMMUNITY) are designed to foster academic, social, and personal growth. These goals are accomplished through common courses, organized workshops, presentations, academic support, and fun social activities. LLCs have become a common feature of many Health and Human Services departments across the country. Students make this selection to increase their chances of acceptance into highly competitive programs.

How will being in an LCC help me be successful at YSU?

The LLC provides support to its students on many levels. LLC students live together on the same floor in Lyden House, which provides an immediate peer-support environment. By taking common classes, interacting with faculty and staff, attending scheduled study time, and participating in social activities, students find the transition to college easier.

Students in LLCs are more likely to:

  • Complete their first year of college and return for a second year
  • Complete core course work on-time or early
  • Create a satisfying and full course schedule
  • Meet faculty and other students with similar interests
  • Build relationships with faculty in their major
  • Receive quality academic advising
  • Register early for courses
  • Receive consistent support from program faculty and staff
  • Participate in extracurricular learning experiences
  • Access other campus resources
  • Feel supported through their transition to college

Will everyone have the same major as me?

Students in the LLC will all be in the Bitonte College of Health and Human Services, but not necessarily the same major. BCHHS (Bitonte College of Health and Human Services) is proud to be home to many diverse programs. What makes us unique is our focus on interdisciplinary learning which enables students to build concepts and skills across several fields of study. This perspective on training represents the best practice in educating future professionals as it produces optimal outcomes for the patients and clients that our students encounter during training and when they enter the workforce.

Will I be in the same classes as everyone else in my LLC?

Yes, you will be in the same YSU 1500 Freshman Seminar class. As you meet other students in the LLC you may want to take additional courses together.

Can I choose who I would like my roommate to be?

Students with completed housing applications who have been accepted into the BCHHS LLC will be paired with another BCHHS LLC roommate when possible. This will be solely determined by Housing and not BCHHS. Students can also request a specific roommate on the LLC application, but we must have confirmation from both students in order to make the assignment. The BCHHS LLC wing is on the first floor of Lyden Hall.

How do I fill out my housing contract if I am applying to the LLC?

All students can complete the application and sign the contract through the housing application portal at housingapp.ysu.edu. All new applicants will need to pay the $35 application fee, complete the application, sign the contract, and pay the $250 prepayment. The prepayment will be added to the student’s account as a credit prior to fall semester move-in. All of this is available to complete through the housing application portal.

How do I apply to be in the LLC?

How much does it cost to be in an LLC?

While there is no additional charge for being in the LLC, students who want to participate in any of the optional activities that require travel, meals, and overnight lodging will be responsible for those costs.

Can I bring a car if I live on campus?

Yes! All students on campus can bring their own car if they choose. Residents can choose parking from residential or mixed lots. Students should contact Parking for more information.

What kind of questions do I have to answer when I apply?

The LLC application asks for basic information about you and your past educational, work, and volunteer experience. It includes one short essay about why you are interested in Health and Human Services and why you would like to be part of the LLC. While we understand that having to write an essay on applications can be stressful, just focus on sharing your background with us so we can get to know you better.

Can I have a job if I am in an LLC?

Yes, you can have a job. You will learn about time management among other useful skills in the LLC. We encourage you to think about all your responsibilities and how much time each will take so you can plan, alleviate stress, and be successful.

What kind of activities will I be asked to participate in?

Students will participate in group activities and programs that involve interaction with faculty, participation in service-learning projects, field trips and social events.

How much additional time is required to be in the LLC?

While all students are required to attend classes, study, meet with their advisor, and seek out tutoring and support services, we make some of these easier for you. You will have weekly scheduled study blocks, access to academic support services, and an advisor who will be available to you regularly. This means if you run into a problem, need tutoring, or start to fall behind in class, there will be someone you can reach out to immediately for help.

In addition, during the fall semester, we will have the following required activities:

  • Volunteer or community service event (1 per semester)
  • Visit the Vivo Center and participate in intergenerational programs (1 per semester)
  • Meet and greets with Dean Allen, faculty, and staff of HHS
  • Meet one-on-one with your advisor prior to registering for the next semester
  • Attend a Career-Based field trip (minimum 1 per semester)

We anticipate a commitment for these activities to be from 6 – 12 hours (for the semester) depending on what the group decides to do for its volunteer event.

Optional activities (highly recommended to get the most out of the LLC):

  • Training and certification for CPR and Overdose Response (Narcan)
  • Social events like attending YSU sporting events, game nights, pizza parties, etc.

Will there be scheduled study blocks?

Yes, there will be required study blocks once a week in Lyden House. The college will arrange to have tutors in Lyden House for the most challenging courses. Additional tutoring is always encouraged and available. A schedule will be determined and distributed by your YSU 1500 instructor by the second week of class. We will try to accommodate everyone’s schedules as much as possible.

Will I get to meet faculty members and college staff?

Yes, through speaker events and different meet and greet opportunities throughout the semester.

Will I have access to an advisor?

Yes, you will have an assigned advisor available throughout the semester. You will receive guidance with your degree plan and registration for the following semester.

What if I change my major?

It is common for a student to change majors. In fact, part of the purpose of the LLC is to help students explore career options. If you change your major to a program outside of HHS, we will do everything we can to make it a smooth transition for you. You will be able to continue to live in the LLC if you choose and there are no additional circumstances that would prevent it. All changes to housing will be done in accordance with the YSU Housing Policies by the Housing office.

Can I be in the LLC if I live off campus?

Currently the LLC is only for students living on campus.

Still have questions? Contact Susan Maruca at srmaruca@ysu.edu

Why join a Living Learning Community?

  • Connect to the YSU campus and make lifelong friends
  • Make the transition from high school to college easier
  • Connect to YSU Resources
  • Peer support from Resident Assistants with BCHHS backgrounds
  • Academic Advising and Support in Your Dorm
  • Social events with faculty, deans, staff, and peers
  • Career-Based Field Trips
  • Volunteer and get to know the Youngstown Community

Just Some of What We Do:

  • Shared First Year Success Course
  • Academic Advising at Lyden House
  • Individual and Weekly Tutoring / Study Sessions in Lyden House
  • Workshops on academic and professional topics
  • Wellness Activities
  • Teambuilding and networking opportunities
  • Social activities and community building
  • Volunteer in the Community
  • Career Exploration
  • High Impact Learning Practices
  • Building your resume and designing your professional brand
  • Hands-on training like CPR, Narcan Training, and Mental Health First Aid
  • Career-Based Field Trips

Contact Us

Cushwa Hall 2246
Kari Milliron