Summer 2022 interns/co-ops/REUs were all over the map!

Heat map of summer 2022 co-op/internship/REU locations

Picture above: Heat map of summer 2022 co-op/internship/REU locations

Summer is always an exciting time for students to spread their wings and take the skills they have learned on campus and apply them through working at companies, organizations and other universities. With COVID-19 impacting travel and safety in recent years, many students have not actually gotten to experience the excitement of traveling to their worksites for the summer. However, summer 2022 saw a resurgence of students participating in face-to-face opportunities. 

73.42% of internships/co-ops/REUs were conducted face-to-face. Another 17.72% of students had a hybrid experience, partially remote and partially face-to-face, still receiving the opportunity to experience a new professional environment. Only 8.86% of students conducted their experiential learning completely remote. 

The heat map above shows that a majority of students stayed within the Ohio-Pennsylvania area. 60% of summer 2022 internships/co-ops/REUs were conducted within Ohio while another 11.4% were conducted within Pennsylvania. The remaining 28.6% of experiential learning was completed within various states, many in Texas, Virginia and Florida. Location of companies/organizations were still included for remote positions.