Salute to Spring 2022 Grads: Mikey Guerrero

Mikey Guerrero

We continue our salute to Spring 2022 grads with our focus on Science. Read about our Mathematics and Engineering spotlights here.


This past spring, Mikey Guerrero graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Geology. But that’s not all he has to celebrate. After completing an internship with ACA Engineering during Spring 2022, Mikey received a full-time offer upon graduation to be their new QC/QA Inspector. He is currently working on quality control and quality assurance inspections. His inspections include compaction rate of soils, rocks and asphalt for new roadways and testing concrete for new buildings.

Mikey began his journey with a major in science and math education. However, he quickly found a passion for geology. Through field work, Mikey had many opportunities to go out and get his hands dirty, which prepared him well for his work in this position. He is able to combine his geology background with ACA’s civil engineering focus. Mikey first made contact ACA Engineering through the Fall 2021 STEM Expo and was hired as an intern shortly after. He cites his STEM First Year Orientation class with providing preparation for the event. Through this course, he was able to create a resume, other professional documents and gain tips on attending the STEM Expo.
When reflecting on this accomplishment, Mikey is proud that he pushed himself to find an internship and very happy to continue on with the company. In the future, he plans to stay with ACA to learn as much as he can and gain as many certifications as possible! He is excited to contribute to ACA and also gain knowledge to spread elsewhere down the line.