Physics Grad Serves as Senior Edutainer at OH WOW!

Elainie Huncik

Picture above: Elainie Huncik, Physics/Astronomy Alum


Science education is a critical piece of exposing young learners to the fields that will urgently need the workforce in the near future. While many of our students pursue professional degrees, research, or teaching at the college level, it is important to remember that there are also young minds waiting to be excited about science!

Elainie Huncik, a recent graduate of Physics and Astronomy serves as one of these very important educators in her role as a Senior Edutainer for Research and Development at OH WOW! The Roger & Gloria Jones Children's Center for Science & Technology - A nonprofit science center in Youngstown with STEM-based exhibits for all ages.

As a Senior Edutainer at Oh Wow, her main responsibilities are to generate educational STEM programming for all ages and deliver the programming to the community. Elainie’s focus is research and development for the Science Activity Kits (STEM SAKs - YSU volunteers help put these together almost every day!), outreaches, and events at the center.

As an undergraduate student at YSU, Elainie was deeply involved in the department and on campus. She served as secretary for the YSU Chapter of the Society of Physics Students and also as Vice President for the YSU Chapter of the American Institute of Professional Geologists. She did optical research with Dr. Crescimanno and also a remote internship with the SETI institute. It was through Elainie’s job at the Ward Beecher Planetarium, part-time work at OH WOW!, and tutoring other students in their coursework that she realized her passion for teaching and helping people.

For those interested in Physics or Astronomy as a career, Elainie encourages you to avoid the pressure to follow the traditional path- “In my experience, it is more important to simply be present, proactive, and enthusiastic when you are ready to take the next step in your career, regardless of timing.”

Thanks, Elainie!